Carry Bag Punching Machine Offered By FusionTech International In Morc El-lementSaintAndré Mauritius

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Carry bag punching machine offered by FusionTech International in Morc El-lementSaintAndré Mauritius

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We are leading exporter from India, We can supply you the product you are looking for at most rational rate and that too MADE IN INDIA.

We are aware that you are looking for Carry bag punching machine in Morc El-lementSaintAndré Mauritius.

FusionTech International is Renowned Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Carry bag punching machine,

The key Features of Carry bag punching machine  are;

> High precision, high quality and strong stability, this machine has won good reputation among clients.

> Punch, sliders, bottom die are made of imported tool steel, hardness, wear resistance have reached world-class level, as imports of machinery and precision machining.

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Carry bag punching machine Manufacturer Near Morc El-lementSaintAndré Mauritius

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> The Equipment Is Machined And The Precision Can Be Kept At ±0.001mm > Which Has Strong Hardness And Will Not Be Deformed During The Working Process > The Mold Base Is Made Of High-quality Alloy Or Brass Material, Which Has Strong Hardness And Will Not Be Deformed During The Working Process, Which Prolongs The Life Of The Punching Machine > Suitable For PE, PO, OPP, PVC, PPE, CPE And Other Plastic Bag Vents, Stationery Bags, Food Bag Hook Holes, Etc. > Good Product, Fa... Read more

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